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Dhwani is the annual cultural festival of College of Engineering, Trivandrum, popularly known as CET. Being a three day event, Dhwani attracts annually an average crowd of over 40,000 people making it one of the grandest of all college festivals in Kerala. Dhwani aims at celebrating art and creativity.

dhwani flea

We refuse to give up on our bohemian vibe. Hence here we are with a brand new 'Dhwani Flea' debuting this year. Everything Indie, everything to fill the holes in you with some sunshine.
You ain't hoppin' aboard? Then it's a miss, mate!



Music Festival

Music is a language that has the power to unite people across the globe regardless of their culture, traditions, likes and dislikes. Antara - the second note in Hindustani classical music- celebrates this. Dhwani organises workshops and competitions annually for all the music lovers across the state.


Dance Festival

The cosmic dance of Nataraja has always been the epitome of dancing in our nation. Nadanta aims at upholding this glorious tradition for Dhwani. Choreonite is a night dedicated to our most talents across various colleges in and around Kerala to put their best of best performances.

carpe dictum

Literary Festival

“Seize the world” - a more than apt motto for the literary festival of Dhwani, is based on the idea that the literary prowess of a person can mesmerise the world like nothing else. Carpe Dictum is intricately layered with talks and writing competitions.


Theatrical Festival

The official theatrical festival of Dhwani. Dionysia is often considered as the most anticipated of events amongst the entire programme schedule. Spearheaded by the Theatre Club, Dionysia comprises of a short film festival with rewards of over 50k.


Sports Festival

Khelotsav is a platform for all sports enthusiasts to test their metal. From Ludo to Volleyball, we engage personalities in different fields to be a part of it with all vigour and zeal.


Miscellaneous Events

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort”. Dhwani, where creativity meets enjoyment, provides each and every one of the spectators with dynamic events, one better than the other. Dhwani hosts the best Persona and Fashion Show across the city.


All the hype, the gut wrenching levels of anticipation and the excitement, all zero down to these nights, which have borne witness to the crème de la crème of entertainers. Everything from thousand beating hearts to the deafening crowd, this is once in a year affair. Long story short, it is the icing on a very, very special cake!


by CETalks

The show that left you awestruck last Dhwani is back to take you on an adventure through the labyrinth of illusions.

Enthral your curious minds with Chris Cheong and prepare to get awestruck watching Kupava Chernenko lighten up the stage. Laugh your heart out with Sorabh Pant and make your Dhwani ‘19 experience unforgettable.

March 16th & 17th

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The versatile but the best of all is the informal events which ensures the participation of each person who steps in to CET to be a part of the festivities. Foam party with blasting music, Car pool Karaoke and ATV, Speed Dating, Silent DJ, Trampoline, Sumo wrestling and Virtual Gaming Dhwani was all about having and sharing fun filled abode of ecstacy.

panel discussions

What's more exciting than having the most controversial public figures on a single stage all ready to thrash out their opinions? Hosted by able moderators discussion takes place on some of the most heated and debated topics of all time.

food festival

To a vast majority of people food can equate to happiness. Catering to the taste buds of all people attending the events, Dhwani proudly houses a Food Festival with delicacies from all around the globe. We generally aim at educating people regarding the rich history in the culinary world that is brimming with it’s diversity.

dhwani exclusives

Ever wanted to enjoy art forms from across the world? Ever wanted to watch displays of quirky talents within an arms length? Dhwani exclusively offers an opportunity for enjoying sought after activities such as Zumba and juggling while at the same time deconstructing it on the basic levels.

in gratitude

Dhwani is not just a platform to showcase cultural and artistic talents but also a medium to engage with the society. To give back to those people due to whom we are living a comfortable life. Dhwani fest has been doing it’s part to the society for ages.

dhwani gettogether

Memories don't fade when you imprint them onto the folds of your mind. And for this, what other place would you be rather than one which reminisces of a world from another time that you'd long to go back? Dhwani'19 is much more than a college cultural fest. It's you, me and the memories we make together- those which would flash on our faces some day when we're miles apart- being the only thread of connection.
To make your memories special, come over, let's celebrate the joy of reunions at Dhwani'19

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